Air Jet Mill Micronizer M-50





Unlock precision in your research and development endeavors with the Midas M-50 Mikronizer, a specialized machine tailored to cater to the unique needs of formulation trials. This cutting-edge equipment empowers customers to micronize batches as small as 5 grams, ensuring the attainment of the correct Particle Size Distribution (PSD) crucial for formulation trials.

Commonly deployed in R&D labs, the Midas M-50 serves as an indispensable tool for research scientists. It allows them to micronize powders efficiently, setting the stage for seamless scaling up to pilot or production plants. Designed with a focus on versatility and adaptability, a specially engineered version of the M-50 - the Midas I-50- is available for placement inside Rigid Isolators, ensuring the safe micronization of toxic and potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).


Customized Feeding Solutions for Optimal Performance

The Midas M-50 offers a range of feeding options to enhance operational flexibility. It can be supplied with a Volumetric Screw Feeder, a Vibratory Feeder, or a combination of both, allowing users to choose the optimal feeding mechanism based on the unique characteristics of the powders being micronized.


Volumetric Screw Feeder

This option provides precise and controlled volumetric feeding, ensuring accuracy in the micronization process. It is particularly advantageous for materials with consistent flow properties.


Vibratory Feeder

Known for its versatility, the Vibratory Feeder is adept at handling materials with varying flow properties. It ensures a constant, reliable flow of powder into the micronizer, contributing to consistent and efficient micronization.


Flexible Collection System

Offers different versions for product collection, allowing quick adjustments based on the required quantity for micronization.

Tailoring your feeding solution to the specific nature of your powders enhances the overall performance of the Midas M-50, contributing to a seamless and effective micronization process.

Incorporate the Midas M-50 into your pharmaceutical R&D workflow for unparalleled precision, safety, and efficiency in micronization. Contact us to explore how this advanced micronizer can elevate your formulation trials to new heights.


Midas Microtech offers a comprehensive range of micronization solutions tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. Here's a summary:

M-50: Designed for formulation trials, the M-50 Mikronizer enables micronization of batches as small as 5 grams with precise Particle Size Distribution (PSD), ideal for R&D labs and scalable to pilot or production plants.

M-100: For low-volume, high-value Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the M-100 ensures efficiency and safety, accommodating batch sizes from less than 1 kg to 10 kg. Its modular design includes a specialized version for operation within Rigid Isolators for toxicity challenges.

M-200: The industry's go-to production-scale Air Jet Mill, the M-200 offers versatility for various batch sizes, seamless transition from Pilot to Production plants, and enhanced safety with Rigid Isolator adaptation.

M-300: With 20% to 120% more output than the M-200, the M-300 is designed for larger throughputs in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, ensuring unparalleled precision and adaptable automation.

M-400: As the newest and largest addition to the Air Jet Mill range, the M-400 sets a new standard for efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing with unparalleled throughput capabilities, tool-free assembly, and focus on large batches.

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Midas Microtech equipment comes with a 1-year warranty from installation or 18 months from dispatch, whichever is earlier.

Definitely. We encourage trials at our facility with your product before purchase to ensure the equipment is well-suited for your application.

Small R&D equipment can be delivered within a week, while fully automated equipment can take anywhere from 8 to 24 weeks, depending on the level of automation.

Primarily pharmaceutical, but also dyes/pigments, battery manufacturing, food ingredients, agrochemical, etc.

Our ‘Midas’ range of machines are the most commonly used Air Jet Mills in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Our clients include all sizes of pharma companies, for a complete list, click here.

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When it comes to us, ‘job work’ is in-house micronization done for client APIs.

We have a range of specially designed Jet Mills that are integrated into Rigid Barrier Isolators for use with cytotoxic products. These machines are modified versions of the original models which allow for easy operation and maintenance through glove ports only.

A process which reduces particle size down to a micrometer. It is used to control particle size and can benefit an extensive range of drug types, including, but not limited to, solid dosage, injectable, ocular, and inhaled products. The finer the particle size of API used in preparation leads to faster absorption by the human body. Micronization is most often used to describe processes that reduce particle size by using fluid energy, such as a jet mill, rather than by mechanical means.

There are several advantages of micronization, some include:

- Uniformity of particle size

- Better solubility

- Improved bio-availability

- Enhanced clinical efficacy

- Improved appearance / brightness

- Increased surface area

Almost any powder that is ‘friable’; powder that is brittle and not elastic or fibrous. It could be crystalline or amorphous, a collection of large crystals or agglomerates with low primary particle sizes.

The performance of Air Jet Mills is primarily evaluated based on Particle Size Analysis by Laser Diffraction. Our in-house Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer helps deliver our customers with otherwise difficult to reach PSD requirements. Additionally, our in-house ONLINE particle size analyzer allows us to precisely control the PSD of the product significantly better than regular equipment.

Instead of using mechanical apparatus, jet milling uses pressurized gas to create high particle velocity and high-energy impact between particles, which leads to a reduction in particle size.

Customers can pick the machine best suited for their needs, depending on the volume and required PSD. We manufacture Jet Mills that allow a few grams to be micronized at a time, to large-scale production-sized Jet Mills that enable customers to realize thousands of kilograms a day.

Our larger machines like the M200 and M300 can be automated as per the operations that need to be handled.