• The Midas M-400

    The Midas M-400
    The most recent of our Midas Air Jet Mills

  • The Midas M-400

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  • The Midas M-400

    Who are our customers?

With Midas Microtech, you don't just buy a machine: you tap into three and half decades of expertise, superlative service and problem-solving.

With a strong inclination towards Research and Development from the very beginning, we aim to improve our customers’ product through advances in micronization technology. Our Midas Micronizers are undoubtedly the most widely used Air Jet Mills in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Acquiring the ideal micronization equipment for your plant is a critical step. This equipment will be the strength of your organization and affect its overall effectiveness. Think about it: micronisation is the final step in the manufacturing process before packing.

Think of all the millions that have been invested in the factory. In plant and machinery. Research and development. Working capital. Highly qualified and expensive human resources. The efficiency and effectiveness of all these will, at the end, be a function of this one piece of equipment!

Make sure you select the right one. Remember, the price of a cheap machine is only part of what it’ll cost you. And in this case you can be sure it’ll cost you. Right from day One. And the next day. And every day after that.

In fact, depending upon your cost of compressed air/nitrogen, overheads and the price of your product, the cost of a poor decision in selection of micronization equipment will easily cost you the equivalent of the price of an appropriate Midas Mikronizer EVERY MONTH! Seriously.

Talk to us if you have any queries: we welcome your questions.