Founded in the 1980's by Sudhir Nayak, Midas Microtech Engineering Private Limited is the foremost Air Jet Mill manufacturer in India and has been unwavering in its efforts to provide the highest quality of micronizing equipment in the country. We do not have a grand mission statement or dictum to “synergistically build extensible benefits to set us apart from our competitors”. No such drivel from us!

Our understanding is that running a lucrative business and having a rich, balanced life is only possible when we take the work, but not ourselves, seriously. Extreme professionalism with a hint of ‘fun’ helped us manufacture a supreme product, build a successful business and earn the trust of customers all over India.

We believe that providing great service is imperative in order to ensure there are no delays in your production line. With Midas Microtech Engineering Private Limited, you don't just buy a machine, you tap into three and half decades of expertise and superlative service and problem-solving.

Jet Mills Expertise

Midas Microtech Products

Exclusively manufacturing Air Jet Mills has allowed us to constantly improve and develop new micronization technology, always staying ahead of the game and perfecting particle size reduction. Having primarily served the pharmaceutical industry, our Jet Mills are cGMP compliant.

Our ‘Midas’ range of Air Jet Mills are undoubtedly the most widely used Air Jet Mills in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. With a large percentage of new Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) falling under the BCS-II and BCS-IV categories with low solubility, the need for micronization is at an all-time high. Due to ever- increasing requirements by stringent regulatory authorities all over the world, we regularly improve our machines with R&D and continuous feedback from our customers.

R&D Capabilities

Midas Microtech Products

With a strong inclination towards Research and Development from the very beginning, we aim to improve our customers’ product through advances in micronization technology.

The performance of pharmaceutical micronizers is primarily evaluated based on Particle Size Analysis by Laser Diffraction. Our vast expertise in this field, along with expertise in the use of our in-house Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyser helps deliver our customers with otherwise difficult to reach PSD requirements for a wide range of APIs.

Since PSD Analysis is a critical component of micronization, our decades-old expertise also lets us guide our customers in designing appropriate protocols for their analytical methods.

What Makes Us So Good At What We Do ?

Continuous “job-work” of a wide range of APIs for multiple customers allows us to fine-tune our equipment to increase compatibility with your requirements. All new developments are rigorously tested at our site for a minimum of 6 months with dummy powders as well as actual APIs to increase confidence in the effectiveness of our Air Jet Mills. The machines we sell are identical to the ones used by us. We always encourage you to take trials on the exact model you intend to purchase before placing an order. This is so that you know exactly what you are going to get. No surprises at Midas Microtech!

We have confidence in operating an honest and unbiased enterprise. Fairness and respect to our customers, vendors and employees is of top importance to us. Relationships within the company, with customers as well as vendors are long-standing and straightforward. All customers are quoted a fixed and uniform price, no matter the size of their business. A multinational and a small unit pay the same price for the same machine. A company micronizing an API costing Rs. 1 Crore/kilo pays the same price as one micronizing a powder that costs Rs. 1000/kg; we do not try to exploit a situation.