Customer R&D

Our state- of-the-art equipment is also available for R&D purposes for those labs who do not have access to air jet mills for particle size reduction. Tight budgets, unavailability of space and/ or compressed air should not lead to drawn-out delays in bringing your product to the market. This is where we come in.

We offer micronization of APIs without the need to purchase the equipment outright. Customers can take the opportunity to visit our manufacturing plant and make use of our equipment and expertise during their R&D process. This allows you the flexibility of achieving the required PSD for formulation trials without the heavy capital expenditure on the equipment and accessories required to run these machines. Our in-house laser diffraction analyser allows us to measure in-process samples and modify parameters on the machines accordingly, ensuring that the PSD is within specification.

Ranging from 2 to 16 inches, we have multiple machines available for micronization, allowing for a broad range of batch sizes to be micronized in the shortest possible time. Based on our 30+ years of experience in micronization of hundreds of different APIs, you can be rest assured that the product will meet the desired specification. These trials use the same procedure as ones used for clinical and commercial quantities. They are also conducted with proper handling of the materials and the required protection.

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